Power Cup tournament in Vaasa 4.-7.6.2015

Fimu’s Show Racism the Red Card -project was featured in the volleyball Power Cup tournament in Vaasa 4.-7.6.2015. Power Cup is the biggest junior volleyball tournament in the world and it is meant for all volleyball juniors regardless of the age or the skill level. As many as 876 volleyball teams participated in the tournament. Players’ age range was 7-22 years and the games were played in 25 series according to age, gender and expertise. The tournament gathered together all Finnish volleyball players from small kids to young adults, group of friends to big volleyball clubs.

The principal in the Power Cup -tournament is that everybody plays. The tournament system ensures that all teams that participate get same amount of games, regardless of the skill level. Every team had games every day, nobody was out of the tournament before Sunday. Youngsters also took part as referees in their own age group games. Power Cup was full of joy and cheerful fellowship.

Picture from Power Cup FB-page