Finland leads Europe: over 10 SRTRC-Games in the Finnish football league

Finland leads Europe: over 10 SRTRC-Games in the Finnish football league

Hi SRTRC supporters,

We are very glade today to inform you about all good news from Finland concerning the Show Racism The Red Card as the main and only campaign supported by the Ministry of culture and sport delivering anti-racism work in the top levels of sports.

13.9.2013: HJK - IFK Mariehamn
13.9.2013: HJK – IFK Mariehamn

After the success of the ”toward more tolerance ” seminar in Helsinki -April 2013- where the Minister of Culture and Sport Paavo Arhinmäki stated: ”No one should suffer because of his or her background. Fimu has successfully launched SRTRC campaign in Finnish football fields, we support Fimu’s work and this is a good example of an international model to integrate immigrants using sport”, here is small summary about the big activities that comes after:

Thanks to the league Football Clubs family, Fimu has organized over 10 games in the Finnish league only and much more games in all other levels such named SRTRC -games to show up the anti-racism message for example:

27.6.2013 RoPS Rovaniemi – FC HonkaEspoo

6.7.2013 RoPS – KuPS Kuopio

27.7.2013 FF Jaro Pietarsaari – VPS Vaasa

17.8.2013 JJK -Jyväskylä – KuPS (Finnish Cup)

25.8.2013 JJK- Jyväskylä – FC Lahti

1.9.2013 Global football tournament 2013 TAS ry Tampere

3.9.2013 KuPS – TPS 13.9.2013 HJK – IFK Mariehamn

22.9.2013 MYPA- FC Lahti

26.10.2013 FC Inter – Honka (Fare week game)

26.10.2013 FC Lahti-TPS (Fare week game)

So the campaign takes place in more than 10 cities from South to North of Finland.


22.9.2013. MYPA- FC Lahti

Also the activities been reported in all main local newspapers and medias and some parts been shown in TV like Finnish MTV3.

Fimu and Players Union have launched an educational tour in the refugees centers where Fimu takes part in introducing the SRTRC and addressing the anti-racism through football with participation of many famous league players. Fimu and Players Union continue the SRTRC Nordic campaign that started since 2005.

for more details or media materials, we are happy to deliver them when needed.