85-year old TPV celebrates and shows Racism the Red Card!

TPV is a multicultural football club celebrating its 85th anniversary on July 15, 2015 in Tampere. In TPV there’s almost 200 children, young people and adults with an immigrant background. TPV has been working for long time for improving the equality in football.

Schedule/Tammelan Stadion:
16:15 Kölvit (feat. Atik Ismail) vs. Tähtien Tekijät
17:30 Heikki Hautala Live
18:15 Deputy Mayor Anna-Kaisa Heinämäki announces Tammela football field as discrimination free zone
18:30 Tampereen Pallo-Veikot vs. Ilves-Kissat

Tickets 8/5 €, youth under 16 years for free!


There will be also Punkkia ja palloa vol.1: Show Racism the Red Card -after party which will take place at 9pm in Telakka, Tampere.

Kaupungin Valot
The Achtungs
The Underclass

Atik Ismail
Satu Lepistö
Sema Hokkanen

Tickets 8 € (with TPV season ticket 5 €)
Ticket for the match + afterparty 10€ (buy at the day event from Tammela ticket sales)


Fare2015 Network seminar in Barcelona

Fare2015 Network seminar was organized in Barcelona 12.-13.6.2015. Some of Europe’s leading campaigners against discrimination gathered in Barcelona for two days for a conference on exclusion and discrimination within football. The Fare network is an umbrella organization that brings together individuals, informal groups and organizations driven to combat inequality in football and use the sport as a means for social change.

Tewodros Guday from Fimu took part in the conference. There were 139 participants from 38 different countries. The program was versatile with numerous speakers: Clarence Seedorf, UEFA Global ambassador for diversity and change; activists and NGO leaders and representatives from UEFA and FIFA. The opening meeting was organized at the City hall and the actual seminar took place on Friday. On Saturday there was an annual meeting and the election to choose the members to the Board of Directors.

The conference was really interesting and gave a lot of new ideas and new contacts.

Fare Seminaarin2

Show Racism the Red Card at Veikkausliiga

HJK vs. FC Inter

Show Racism the Red Card games started at Veikkausliiga. FC KTP and HJK played their home match with Show Racism the Red Card theme at May 21, 2015. Veikkausliiga season will continue as well as the theme games. Next one will be June 25th, FF Jaro against FC KTP.

Show Racism the Red Card matches will continue during the summer also in the second division. FC Vaajakoski will play agains Atlantis FC 11th of July 2015. In the beginning of the matches there’s a short presentation and all players and coaches will show racism the red cards.

Power Cup tournament in Vaasa 4.-7.6.2015

Fimu’s Show Racism the Red Card -project was featured in the volleyball Power Cup tournament in Vaasa 4.-7.6.2015. Power Cup is the biggest junior volleyball tournament in the world and it is meant for all volleyball juniors regardless of the age or the skill level. As many as 876 volleyball teams participated in the tournament. Players’ age range was 7-22 years and the games were played in 25 series according to age, gender and expertise. The tournament gathered together all Finnish volleyball players from small kids to young adults, group of friends to big volleyball clubs.

The principal in the Power Cup -tournament is that everybody plays. The tournament system ensures that all teams that participate get same amount of games, regardless of the skill level. Every team had games every day, nobody was out of the tournament before Sunday. Youngsters also took part as referees in their own age group games. Power Cup was full of joy and cheerful fellowship.

Picture from Power Cup FB-page


Fimu at Naisten 10 -event in Helsinki


Fimu and its member organizations took part in Naisten 10 -event in Helsinki 24.5.2015. A total of 11 women from Arabialaisen kulttuurin yhdistys Äs-sänbil, Yökoris, HNMKY and Fimu ry joined the jogging path.

In the beginning the group divided into three groups and route passed either jogging or walking. Participants wore Punainen kortti rasismille t-shirts and got a lot of positive feedback. People gave encouragement to the participants and told them to keep up the good and important work. At the end of the day groups gathered together to share the feelings of the day. All in all 16 000 women took part in the Naisten 10 -event.
Thank you all the participants for the nice day together!



Show Racism the Red Card -seminar 23.4.2015

Show Racism the Red Card -seminar was organized in Hotel Arthur in Helsinki. There were 39 participants from seven different cities. The seminar got a lot of positive feedback from the participants. The rich content of the seminar and speakers from grassroots operators till top-level operators ensured that each listener had interesting and educational presentations to listen during the day.

The day started with Hannu Tolonen from Ministry of Education and Culture. After that Mourad Bentaleb and Sara Hirn from FIMU spoke about the on-going projects in Show Racism the Red Card -project.

Researcher Jyrki Ruohomäki from University of Tampere gave presentation about science perspectives on racism in sports. Michaela Moua from City of Vantaa/09HHR spoke about the equality project called Sporttia Kaikille. Entrepreneur and journalist Renaz Ebrahimi spoke about Idrott som integreringsresurs -seminar and also her thoughts about women/girls in sports.

After lunch there was a panel discussion with athletes/sport actives led by Niko Clarence Pesonen. Speakers were Engelbert Duma Avenido, Patrick Bantamoi, Renaz Ebrahimi, Michaela Moua and Babatunde Wusu. They discussed about their experiences in equality in sports and how it is to be a role-model to younger ones.

Markus Juhola from Jalkapallon Pelaajayhdistys gave presentation and after that Peter Kariuki from ETNO led the conversation about the role of sports organizations in promoting the good relations. The day ended with Karoliina Ketola from Valo, who spoke about the opportunities of equality planning in sports.

Thank you all the participants for an interesting seminar-day.

Paneeli ja kortit Renaz Ebrahimi Peter kariuku puhePKR kortit pystyssä
pictures: Kai Kuusisto

Show Racism the Red Card – Bowling

FIMU ry, Suomen Keilailuliitto, Helsingin Bowlingliitto and Helsinginkadun Fun Bowling got together with Show Racism the Red Card -project. They invited over 40 people to try bowling in Kallio. The group had people from various cultural backgrounds from Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa.

Bowling wasn’t familiar to the participants and many tried it for the first time. At first they learned some basic infos about bowling and got advices from professional bowling instructors. The amount of knocked down bowling pins grew quickly. The atmosphere was enthusiastic and participants gave a lot of positive feedback from the day.

Keilaaja-magazine wrote about the event in May issue.


Show Racism the Red Card sports day


Fimu and its member organizations organized Show Racism the Red Card sports day March 21 in Kallion urheilutalo, Helsinki. Also Helsingin Latu and Helsingin Bowlingliitto were part of the event.

First thing on the program was mother-child sports which was led by Khilood Mansoor. After that Sambo ry made a show and Eteri Sarre taught floorball for families. Adults futsal tournament was played with teams: Vantaan Suomen ja Georgian ystävyys- ja kulttuuriyhdistys, Ethio-Fin ry, VFT, Saykus ry sekä FC Safari Junior Club.

Fun Bowling organized bowling with the help of  Helsinki Bowlingliitto, Khilood Mansoor and FC Safari Junior Club/Mohamed. Outdoors participants had chance to practice nordic walking with Alina Soikkanen and Helsingin Latu.

The day was successful and gave many participants chance to try out new sports.

11070388_844120572290165_3604401329843076148_o  10298457_844120415623514_7477554476945557780_o

Punainen kortti rasismille -hankkeen tapahtumia syksyllä 2014!


IMG_6335Daud, lapset ja maskotit

PKR -hanke on näkynyt useissa tapahtumissa kesän ja syksyn aikana vuonna 2014.

Rasismin vastaista sanomaa vietiin eteenpäin useilla paikkakunnilla jalkapallonVeikkausliigassa, Tampereella Tyttöjen lentopallon EM-karsintaturnauksessa, Katusählyn finaaliturnauksessa Helsingin Narinkkatorilla ja Olympiastadionilla Yleisurheilun Suomi-Ruotsi maaottelussa. Osallistujia ja katsojia näissä tapahtumissa oli yhteensä reilusti yli tuhat.

Fimu ja Punainen kortti rasismille -hanke olivat myös mukana yhteistyötahona Helsingin Kaupungin ja Moniheli ry:n SPARK 14 -tapahtumassa. Tapahtuma esitteli maahanmuuttajien mahdollisuuksista osallistua järjestöjen toimintaan pääkaupunkiseudun alueella. Järjestöjä osallistui tapahtumaan useita kymmeniä ja kävijöitä kertyi yli 300.

Tulevia Punainen kortti rasismille -tapahtumia ovat mm.Folkhälsanin järjestämä Idrott som integreringsresurs -seminaari Vaasassa 14.11.2014 ja Super Cheer cheerleading kilpailu Vantaan Energia-Areenalla 15.11.2014.